Are you looking for something special that you couldn’t find in our online shop? Do you fancy a special Lecce stone item, custom-made for you? Our craftsmen are at your complete disposal. Call us!

Lecce stone is like a living thing: hard and soft at the same time.

And workable in order to make your dreams come true.

Internal wall coverings, rustic fireplaces, columns, arches, outdoor fountains, house number plaques,

Rivestimenti interni, camini rustici, colonne, archi, fontanelle da giardino, numeri civici, ventilation tiles, sinks, paperweights, and any kind of decorative items, such as party favours, vases, jewel boxes, bowls.

Don’t stop dreaming. Call us and tell us your story. We’ll be glad to shape your dreams into true pieces of art and to turn them into reality.