Texun is the successful result of a family business. The Sicuro family, since several generations committed in the extraction of Lecce stone. An extraordinary raw material that, since the Baroque period, has left ad indelible mark on Salento’s history and architecture, giving proof of an extraordinary versatility both from the creative and artistic point of view and from the architectural one.

From limestone mining Lecce stone lampshades ecommerce:

a family history

In 1980 three Sicuro brothers, grown up in a family devoted to limestone mining and fascinated by the incredible beauty of Lecce Baroque churches and monuments, make the decision of beginning a new activity of carving and sculpting, beside the existing one of extraction. All the energy and the enthusiasm that since then they had put into extraction, found a new way of expression that took shape into several creative pieces of art. Today, you can have a look at these unique creations browsing the pages of our shop: Lecce stone lampshades, wall lamps, desk lamps and much more.

Lecce stone pieces of art:

we love Made In Italy!

In Sicuro brothers’ hands, Lecce stone comes to a new life. Texun creations are characterized by a timeless elegance that is a distinguishing feature of Made in Italy and that seduces clients and lovers from everywhere. 

From inspiration to business:

our password is globalization!

Soon, the happy synergy among minds and ideas turns into a business reality and gives birth to a news trademark, Texun. Today Texun is a leading reality of its market and has a newtork of flagship shops all around Italy, together with a series of prestigious cooperation with the most famous interior designers of Italy. Furthermore, and as time passes, Texun has followed the current evolution of its market, grabbing the newest opportunities coming from the globalization. That’s way today,the quality of Texun products and of Lecce stone products is available online too. Browse our online shop, choose your favorite item, add it to your cart and be ready to show it off to your friends wherever you are!

Creative products ready to be moulded into different shapes according to your preferences

From big private building jobs to retail, from little home decorations to modern solutions and integrated lighting, today Texun can bring Lecce stone to life according to its clients needs into several shapes.

Creativity, professionality, reliability:

in one word, Texun

The client satisfaction comes not only for the objective appreciation of the finished product, but also from the entire “experience” that our company offers. Choosing Texun, our clients confide in a supplier that has a deep knowledge of the whole supply chain, from extraction up to sculpting and shipping.