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Sinuous and elegant as a flame, perfect when off, elegant and efficient when on! Available in more sizes.

105.00125.00 iva inc.

105.00 iva inc.
125.00 iva inc.

A wall light quite original and detailed, featuring a flame for a perfect lighting effect and a strong decorative impact. Decorative when off and suggestive when on, this wall lamp will help to create a comfortable atmosphere. Available in different sizes.

Electrical equipment non included. Ready for being wall installed. We guarantee that the product is entirely handmade in authentic Lecce stone by Texun artisans.

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Flame (small size) (SKU 07)
Altezza 24 cm
Lunghezza 28 cm
Flame (big size) (SKU 08)
Altezza 28 cm
Larghezza 38 cm