According to the most contemporary trends as far as bathroom decor is concerned, natural stones and minimal decorative elements are the protagonists, together with a hint of green green coming often from tropical hanging plants. All the most famous interior designers are oriented towards this kind of style, based on the use of less decorative elements as possible. Texun bathroom accessory sets follow exactly the contemporary trend: our selection includes different series of accessories, all made of Lecce natural stone, in different but minimal and simple shapes.

Minimal & Elegant 

give yourself (and your bathroom) a Lecce stone timeless gift 

The most common characteristics of contemporary home decor include the choice of very simple lines, minimal decoration and a few colors. About colors, the real protagonist is white in all its shades (off-white, cream, beige, taupe) that produce a sense of relaxation and a feeling of being  cocooned. In addition, the use of evergreen hanging plants enhances the general look of spaces and emphasizes the sense of relaxation itself.

A very practical choice

and a timeless style

The bathroom is one of the places where we need to feel a sense of privacy, of being cocooned and of finding a secret refuge where to spend a few time after a long exhausting working day. Lecce stone bathroom accessory sets are perfect for our clients who are seeking a classic and timeless style. If your bathroom is tiled and covered with natural stones, our bathroom sets will be more than perfect. The result will be great, conveying a relaxing visual effect and a natural atmosphere.

Texun bathroom accessory sets

give that extra special touch to your bathroom 

All our accessory sets include toilet brush holder, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, soap holder, cotton holder.

Browse the pages of our shop and find the set that meets your tastes. If you like, you can also do your personal mix and match, adding a floor lamp or a wall lamp. Up to you! 

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