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Bust of a man / woman table

2,200.002,550.00 (Iva inclusa)

Composite table

1,200.001,550.00 (Iva inclusa)

Corinthian capital table

2,050.002,400.00 (Iva inclusa)

Florence table

1,550.001,900.00 (Iva inclusa)

Granite table

1,400.001,750.00 (Iva inclusa)

Greek Fret Table

1,100.001,450.00 (Iva inclusa)

Leaves table

1,800.002,150.00 (Iva inclusa)

Olive Tree Trunk table

1,900.002,250.00 (Iva inclusa)

Rectangular Ionic Table

1,100.001,450.00 (Iva inclusa)

S Table

1,100.001,450.00 (Iva inclusa)

Sculpture table

1,500.001,850.00 (Iva inclusa)

Single Capital table big

1,150.001,500.00 (Iva inclusa)