What exactly is Lecce stone? 

Lecce stone is a limestone from the southern area of Salento (Apulia, Italy) It dates back to Miocene. It’s mined out quite easily from big quarries. Its colour is pale yellow, sometimes slightly grey and green. It’s a soft stone, easy to be shaped, carved and moulded with traditional tools.

Why Lecce stone does not come in different colours? 

Lecce stone is a natural stone, extracted from big quarries at different depths. According to the depth, the colour can be more or less bright, as well as the grain can be more or less soft. Once we extract Lecce stone, we don’t use any kind of chemical treatment to change its colour.

I bought 2 wall lights but they look slightly different. Why?  

All our products are handmade by artisans and craftsmen with a special expertise in working Lecce stone. Their daily job requires a hight level of precision and, generally speaking, usually all our products look identical. Nevertheless, some little differences are to be considered as a quality coming from the handmade process.

How can I clean my Lecce stone items?

You can clean your Lecce stone item using a damp soft cloth. No need of soap.

Can I place my Lecce stone decorations under the sun? 

Of course. Sunlight doesn’t affect the Lecce stone characteristics.

What happens if my Lecce stone item gets wet? 

Natural Lecce stone isn’t waterproof. Texun products undergo a particular treatment aimed to avoid the “dusty” effect of the stone, without anyway affecting either its appearance or its colour.

Lecce Stone is timeless? Turns black? Gets moldy? 

Lecce stone is timeless, does not turn black and doesn’t get moldy. You can place your Lecce stone products outdoor, but consider that, as times passes, atmospheric agents could turn it slightly grey. 

What type of bulbs can I use on my Lecce stone lamps?

Any type of bulb, including led ones and energy saving light bulb.

Are your product under warranty? 

No, they aren’t

How long does it take the shipping process? 

The shipping process takes usually 6 working days.

Do you ship all over the world?

Yes, we do.

What courier do you use? 

SDA courier or Bartolini.

What happens in case my Lecce stone item arrive damaged? 

Unfortunately if your item arrives damaged Texun is free from any responsibility. Nevertheless, we do our best to pack up your items in the best and most safe packaging as possible, using wooden shipping pallets.