Lampshades are the perfect solution to combine style and functionality as well. This kind of lampshade allows to manage the exact quantity of light and shades we desire in our rooms. Therefore, light can be considered as the raw material that can be used to furnish one’s house according to its personal tastes and preferences, conveying a feeling of cocooning, creating a romantic atmosphere or emphasizing dark corners and niches. 

Table lampshades:

light and furniture in one move

Classic lampshades, such as table lampshades, bedside lampshades, can be excellent light sources, perfect for reading or relaxing after a long working day. But they can also work as a decoration, adorning and decorating any room thanks to their presence. Texun lamp bases and lampshades are both decorated consistently in order to fulfill the double need of decoration and proper lighting.

A warm and relaxing light

perfect for your relaxing moments

According to the “general rule” of natural stone lampshades, the light spread by this king of lamps must be warm enough to create a calm atmosphere and to add a warm glow to your room. Indirect light, even if bright, can be really relaxing for your eyes and for your mind, especially after a long working day.

What is the best place for my lampshade? 

From the small table to the elegant niche, it’s up to you! 

Most part of lampshades are placed on tables, small tables and bedside tables. That’s why we often hear people speaking generally about table lampshades. So, imagine you new Lecce stone lampshade on a small desk or table in your living room, next to your sofa, ready to be your best company while relaxing after dinner, alone or together with your friends and relatives. Or, on your bedside table, ready to offer you the necessary quantity of light to read a good book before sleeping.

Lampshades can be also used for several different purposes. They can be used to enhance niches, corners, balconies and small areas lacking of personality.

Texun lampshades

100% HandMade in Italy 

Texun offers its clients a wide range of unique lamps such as table lamps, desk lamps, bedside lamps and much more. All our products are handmade with love in Salento (Italy). All of them are hand made from natural Lecce stone extracted from our quarries in Salento. The handcrafted nature of each product could led to slight variations in shape and size, that must be considered as a plus, as well the original material they are made of.

All our lampshades are composed of a base lamp and a lamp shade, both of them entirely shaped from Lecce stone: unique pieces of art, moulded from natural Lecce stone, characterized by a warm yellow colour….warm as the light they’re going to spread softly in your rooms.

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