In Salento, the sea has always influenced its population lives, being much more than a mere background. Thanks to its impressive presence, it has been able not only to influence, but also to condition moods and daily habits. For this reason, Texun has conceived a range of lighthouses made up of Lecce stone: unique pieces of art that represent the artistic transposition of the indissoluble bond between sea and people. 

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the power of suggestion of Texun products

Texun lighthouses are pieces of art moulded and carved by expert craftsman from big blocks of Lecce stone. They can be placed anywhere, as decorative lighting works everywhere and all year around. Our lighthouses are available in different sizes, that’s why they can be used, for instance, as bedside tables or as outdoor lighting as well.

Lecce stone decorative lighting

a new gift idea

Are you looking for an original and unusual gift idea? Browse our selection of lighthouses and choose your favorite to surprise your friends and relatives in a special way.

Lecce stone collectible lighthouses

start your collection right now! 

Texun lighthouses are perfect for those who would love to build up a personal and original collection. You can start from your favorite one and add one by one all the others. The result will be a unique collection of lighthouses reminding the most beautiful lighthouses of Salento.

Browse the pages of our shop and have a look at our Lecce stone lighthouses or at our wide range of proposals as far as decorative lighting is concerned. 

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