What type of reader are you? Whatever the answer is, you will love this Book lampshade, perfect to convey a sophisticated and refined touch to your rooms.

150.00305.00 iva inc.

305.00 iva inc.
150.00 iva inc.

Books lampshade is a true piece of art. It’s rich in unique particulars, and every single book it features has been hand crafted by Texun artisans. It has been designed specifically for sophisticated and elegant living rooms and it can create a chic and refined atmosphere.  

Available also in other sizes. 

Perfect for LEDs and other energy saving systems. We guarantee that the product is entirely made up of Lecce stone and that it has been handmade by Texun expert artisans.

The lampshade Books is available in different sizes.

Additional information

Books (big size) (SKU 0109)
Altezza 71 cm
Diametro 45 cm
Books (small size) (SKU 0110)
Altezza 49 cm
Diametro 30 cm