China bowl

Simple and sophisticated at the same time, this China bowl collection will add a sense of harmony and elegance to any rooms, included your office.

45.0095.00 iva inc.

95.00 iva inc.
45.00 iva inc.

This Lecce stone China bowl has been conceived for people who prefer well-balanced choices as far as home decor is concerned. Very simple and essential they convey a sense of elegance without being much eccessive. Perfect at home, they will also enhance the atmosphere of your office giving a sense of harmony and peace. Its texture is really even and soft, thanks to the accurate craftsmanship of our artisans.

We guarantee that the product is made up of the most authentic Lecce stone and that it has been completely handmade by our artisans.

Additional information

China bowl big (SKU A29)
Altezza 10 cm
Diametro 36 cm
China bowl small (SKU A30)
Altezza 6.5 cm
Diametro 23.5 cm