Double centerpiece

Two pieces for one elegant solution…or two! A centerpiece that can also turn into a separate vase and plate, according to your preferences. Enjoy!

50.0070.00 iva inc.

70.00 iva inc.
50.00 iva inc.

The centerpiece Double is composed of two parts: a plate and a vase. You can choose if to use them together, or separately. They are both quite practical and, from an aesthetic point of view, they work very well together and also if used independently.

We guarantee that the product has been entirely handcrafted by Texun experts, and that it’s made up of authentic Lecce stone.


Additional information

Double centerpiece - Vase (SKU A08)
Altezza 17.5 cm
Diametro 24 cm
Double centerpiece - Plate (SKU A09)
Altezza 3.5 cm
Diametro 35 cm