This Lecce stone floor lamp is globe-shaped and provided with 510 holes on its complete surface. It lets the light seep with discrete elegance and, don’t forget, is’t completely handmade by our expert craftsmen. Enjoy!

115.00390.00 iva inc.

390.00 iva inc.
115.00 iva inc.

Globe floor lamp is an unmissable item to show your good taste to everyone in fact of furtiture, design and lighting solutions. This floor lamp comes from a unique block of Lecce Stone and its handcrafted as to create a perfect sphere. All around it, 510 holes to let the light seep with style and elegance.

The electrical system is situated on the base of the sphere.

Perfect for LEDs and other energy saving systems. It is guaranteed that the product is made up of original and authentic Lecce Stone and handcrafted by Texun expert craftsmen.

As displayed in the pictures, Globe floor lamp rests on a pedestal, which can be purchased separately.

Additional information

Globe (SKU 0192)
Altezza 60 cm
Diametro 40 cm
Pedestal (SKU 0205)
Altezza 50 cm
Larghezza 28 cm
Lunghezza 28 cm