Punta San Cataldo Lighthouse

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Texun expert craftsmen have copied the Lightouse of Punta San Cataldo shaping one by one even the smallest details and creating a unique table lamp that can be considered a masterpiece. Create your own collection of Texun lamps beginning from this amazing lighthouse!

185.00 iva inc.

Punta San Cataldo lighthouse is a true masterpiece. Handmade by Texun craftsmen, it’s an octagonal-shaped lamp made up of the most original and authentic Lecce stone. It’s the perfect and detailed copy of the original lighthouse situated in Punta San Cataldo, in the immediate surroundings of Bari.

Perfect for LEDs and other energy saving systems. It is guaranteed that the product is made up of original and authentic Lecce Stone and handcrafted by Texun expert craftsmen.


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Altezza 48 cm
Diametro 20 cm