The perfect lamp should be practical and functional, but stylish as well. Choosing a lamp means not only finding the perfect solution to fit you spaces, but also to reflect your personal style and your mood. For instance, a bedside lamp table can be good for late-night reading lovers, whereas a floor lamp can add a touch of warmth to your living room or your office. Below, some good advice about lighting your spaces in order to get the right effect. 

How to light properly your spaces: some useful tips

Cool, neutral or warm light?

Before even choosing the type of lamp you will place in your spaces, you will have to make a decision about the kind of light you prefer. Cool, neutral or warm light? Any mistake could compromise the final effect and affect the functionality of your room as well. So, beside the stylish needs, you will have to meet other rules that will cooperate to determine your personal style.

In bedrooms and living rooms, where usually you need a sense of calm and relax, warm lights are more suitable, whereas in other rooms maybe you could prefer other types of light, more bright and vibrant. In the bathroom, for instance, the best choice is a neutral light, that will make the room cozy and functional as well, perfect for making up of personal caring.

Laundry, office and kitchen: the password is functionality!

A cold light will be good in your laundry in order to meet the need of functionality. Similarly, and because the office is a “technical” place, you will use a cold diffused light. But pay attention: in case you use to work and study til late night, you could decide to add also a desk lamp provided with a warm light, to be switched on during your after dinner working time. A desk lamp is good not only for your office, but for any place where you study and read until late, before going to bed. In your kitchen a cold light is preferable, so as to brighten properly your worktop without compromising the exact vision of food colors.

Lecce stone table lamps, bedside lamps, lampshades, classic and modern lamps

Collectible lamps that fit any need 

In addition to lampshades, Texun offers its customers a wide range of unique creations, moulded and handmade by expert artisans and craftsmen. Due to the peculiar characteristics of Lecce Stone, you can pick several items among lamps, lampshades, floor lamps, bedside lamps, but also bath sets and decorative items, and create your own personal collection in order to accessorize any room of your home.

Lecce Stone, Texun common thread

Allow your lamps to reflect your personal style

Browse our collection of lamps and find the one that fits your style, and your mood. Table lamps, desk lamps, lamp shades, lamp bases….thanks to our creations, you can create your personal mix & match and to accessorize your home as you like. Enjoy!

If you haven’t found what you need, no worries! Send us an email or call us, and we’ll be happy to meet your needs. 

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