As far as furnishing is concerned, lighting can play a central role. Texun wall lights are the perfect solution to enhance your sense of creativity and the appearance of your house as well. Texun Lecce Stone wall lights are available in different shapes, but they all have in common the fascination of timeless pieces of furniture.

Enhance your house thanks to Texun wall lights  

The range of Texun wall lights comes into modern and classic shapes as well. All wall lights are light sources perfect to brighten up your rooms but also to convey an unexpected touch of elegance and harmony. They can be put at eye level and, thanks to their different shapes, they can address light towards the ceiling or sideways, according to your preferences. A scenographic use of light!

Wall lights, be inspired!

Inside, outside, every place is a good place

Lecce stone wall lamps are the perfect solution for people who do note like ceiling lamps or pendants. They can be simple and minimalistic, elegant and classic, modern and contemporary. Our advice is to understand your personal taste and choose a unique style that will be carried through your home. In this way, every room, included your porch, will be connected to the others.

Bringing stone to life

Texun: the magic behind creation

Lecce Stone is not a cold, raw and unemotional material. On the contrary, under the skillful hands of Texun artisans, it comes to life into several shapes, geometrical or sinuous, turning itself into handmade pieces of art ready for creating unique atmospheres in your house.

Browse our shop and discover the range of Texun wall lamps, but also lampshades, Lecce stone lampshades and several other products in Lecce stone. Shop for Lecce stone lampshades online!

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115.00 (Iva inclusa)

Applique corner with cuts

90.00 (Iva inclusa)


160.00 (Iva inclusa)

Bubbles rectangular applique

105.00 (Iva inclusa)

Classic with Textured Band

55.00 (Iva inclusa)


105.00 (Iva inclusa)

Edges Classic

50.0065.00 (Iva inclusa)

Elegant applique corner

80.00 (Iva inclusa)


105.00125.00 (Iva inclusa)


115.00 (Iva inclusa)


75.00105.00 (Iva inclusa)


160.00 (Iva inclusa)