A sober bathroom accessories set perfect to meet even the most sophisticated and refined needs.

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The bathroom accessories set Leuca is composed of a soap dispenser, a toothbrush holder, a dish, a soap dish, a cotton holder and a squared dish. Its sober lines make it perfect for classic and modern style lovers and is also the good choice for sophisticated items lovers! We guarantee that the product is entirely handmade from authentic Lecce stone.

Additional information

Squared dish (SKU N43)
Altezza 4 cm
Larghezza 23.5 cm
Lunghezza 23.5 cm
Dish (SKU N9)
Altezza 4 cm
Larghezza 11 cm
Lunghezza 29 cm
Dispenser (SKU N44)
Altezza 17 cm
Toothbrush Holder (SKU N45)
Altezza 11.5 cm
Box (SKU N46)
Altezza 7 cm
Diametro 14 cm
Soap dish (SKU N5)
Altezza 4 cm
Larghezza 11 cm
Lunghezza 11 cm