A innovative, young and smart bathroom accessories set handmade from authentic Ostuni stone.

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Ostuni bathroom accessories set includes a lavatory brush holder, a soap dispenser, a toothbrush holder, a dish and a soap dish. This bathroom accessories set is made up from Ostuni stone, a precious stone quite brighter and lighter than Lecce one. Overall, this bathroom accessories set conveys a sense of innovation and originality. We guarantee that the product has been entirely handmade by our artisans from authentic Ostuni stone.

Additional information

Lavatory Brush Holder (SKU N32)
Altezza 32 cm
Diametro 11 cm
Dispenser (SKU N33)
Altezza 18 cm
Larghezza 7 cm
Lunghezza 7 cm
Toothbrush Holder (SKU N34)
Altezza 12 cm
Larghezza 7 cm
Lunghezza 7 cm
Dish (SKU N35)
Altezza 4 cm
Larghezza 11 cm
Lunghezza 29 cm
Soap Dish (SKU N36)
Altezza 2 cm
Larghezza 9 cm
Lunghezza 13 cm