A Lecce stone lampshade featuring a twirl, perfect for modern furniture styles and classic ones as well. Handmade from Lecce stone.

145.00265.00 iva inc.

265.00 iva inc.
145.00 iva inc.

This lampshade is quite original, as its shape evokes that of a twirl. It’s one of the true masterpieces of Texun and, for its original shapes it’s perfect to add and extra touch of personality to any room. This lampshade is available in different sizes. In this particular lampshade, stone has been worked in two different ways, so as to obtain some parts soft and even and others uneven and rough

Perfect for LEDs and other energy saving systems.

We guarantee that the product is handmade and that it is entirely made up from authentic Lecce stone.


Additional information

Tiwrl (big size) (SKU 0113)
Altezza 75 cm
Diametro 45 cm
Twirl (small size) (SKU 0114)
Altezza 51 cm
Diametro 30 cm