Floor lamps are the perfect solution if you don’t like the idea of using a ceiling light but you need to brighten and enhance properly big rooms. In order to meet this need, Texun craftsmen have realized a wide range of floor lamps perfect for the even more demanding client. 

Modern or classic floor lamps?

Choose yours! 

When you decide to brighten up a room using a lamp floor, first of all you will have to make the decision about your favorite style: modern or classic? Lecce stone lamps are available in a wide range of proposals, thought and conceived to meet different needs.

Classic lamps match with solid wood, classic and poor art furnishings, whereas modern style lovers will choose a more essential and simple floor lamps.

Why Lecce stone is so special?

Because it’s a timeless material

Lecce stone is a really versatile raw material, as it can be moulded into different shapes and carved into several delicate ad careful decorations. What’s more, natural stone is a timeless material, suitable for matching different styles and for meeting different needs.

Floor lamps in the bathroom?

Why not!

Floor lamps can provide the right quantity of light not only in your living room and in your bedroom, but also in your bathroom. Using a floor lamp to brighten you bathroom will give you the possibility to spread light in a really natural and consistent way. Moreover the use of natural coating materials such as stones, limestones and marbles for bathrooms is a current trend as far as interior design is concerned. So, considering that Texun floor lamps are entirely made of Lecce stone, they will match perfectly with this trend, enhancing and creating a cozy atmosphere.

There’s nothing better than a floor lamp entirely made up of Lecce stone, with its natural grain texture and its warm colors, to make the daily ritual of personal hygiene and self care even more pleasant. 

Browse our selection and find your favorite floor lamp right now!

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490.00 (Iva inclusa)

Bubbles Tube

115.00265.00 (Iva inclusa)

Conical Holes

590.00 (Iva inclusa)

Conical Holes Tube

115.00315.00 (Iva inclusa)


490.00 (Iva inclusa)

Cuts Tube

115.00265.00 (Iva inclusa)


720.00 (Iva inclusa)


115.00390.00 (Iva inclusa)

Horizontal Cuts Tube

115.00265.00 (Iva inclusa)