Round holes and star (big size)

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A Lecce stone handmade lamp decorated with horizontal holes and with a sinuous star on top, so as to light up your room in a romantic and original way. It’s available in different sizes.

115.00 iva inc.

A perfectly round lamp that displays a double decoration including horizontal cuts and holes and a star on its top. The holes and the star carved on its top allow the light leak through, creating a great sense of harmony, peacefulness and calm. The lamp is empty inside, and it rests of a pedestal in Lecce stone as well (included).

For being simple and sophisticated at the same time, this lamp matches with both classic and modern design and furniture styles.

Perfect for LEDs and other energy saving systems. It is guaranteed that the product is made up of original and authentic Lecce Stone and handcrafted by Texun expert craftsmen.

This product is available in different sizes. This is the biggest one, but you can purchase other sizes, so as to decorate and light up your house with consistency and a strong personality.


Additional information

Altezza 25 cm
Diametro 25 cm